Thursday, February 22, 2007

everybody loves irene

*as posted in MySpace blog

20 02 2007 Tuesday 8.30 pm…the last day of my "cuti raya cina" received a sms from Joe Kidd earlier this mornin' about a trip-hop band from kota Jakarta at central market's annex …and I remembered addin' them in myspace last grab me bag and camera and hit the down town...

Everybody Loves Irene
is a six piece trip-hop band from Jakarta, with a very nice set and swings with doldrumic emotions …Portishhead kinda thing…and I really enjoyed it

Irene Yohana she got such an angelic voice

the band just let her do the singgin' alone while they having some giggles at the back

...another celestials moment with Irene

the poster...isnt that 'our' Irene Santiago hehehe...ironic

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fara[the]bugbuster said...

Owhhh dear.... I miss the show... *sad*