Thursday, April 20, 2006 it

Since yesterday I was thinking’ it’s been a while I've roams in this city…and there’s some places I’ve stayed and called it me home…on my way back home durin’ the LRT ride (its rainy seasons so I can't ride me bicycle) I draw out me pen and list down “the place I used to call home”


Titi Serong (the kampung)
Stayed there since I was born till 12yrs old

Parit Buntar (the Pekan)
The town center for Kerian district where I roamed and try to understand the word “adolescent” stayed here from Standard One till my SPM…(stayin’ with my grandma + hostel)

KUALA LUMPUR: (the City)

Got a letter from the Gov sayin’ that I got the job…pack me things and hit the city…I lay my back to sleep for the first time in Kay Ell in this so called aparment “they even got supermarket here”…(2 months)

Kampung Selayang Pandang (Selayang)
Stayed here for 2 years…it’s a semi-setinggan and the house was owned by an Indonesian guy who sells jamu for living... I hate the place

Pasar Road (Jalan Pudu)
The place was old skool, a typical shop lot circa early 70’s…I still remember my houselord, a kindhearted vegetarian Chinese auntie…“Lu kalau mau bawa balik amoi tak apa…tapi ta' mau mabok-mabok sama gado-gado” kinda miss her… ironically this is where I spent most of my wild and nakal era

Bukit Bintang (Jalan Hicks aka Alor)
I by no means had any intention stayin’ there…but I was desperate when my Jalan Pudu house lord sell the house to someone else…so I looked in MalayMail and call the owner Mr.Too, it was a very small room (5’x10’) and I cost me RM180, my house mate was a herbs tokan, an engineer stayin’ with his beautiful pinoy wife (ehemmm)…two GROs …but look at the bright side it’s just a walkin’ distance to my office…here I learn ‘bout livin’ in a ghetto (ghetto ke?)…make friends with some pimps and street aunties…drank kopitiam with some lonesome uncles (I already quit takin’ alcohol by this period)…and spend most of my free time in CM…now they turn the place to King Fisher Bar and Restaurant

Pandan Indah
Yeah Mr.Too sell the house to King Fisher so I moved to Pandan Indah…currently stayin' and livin' here and love the place...period.

kampung- vilage
pekan - small town
tokan - drug pusher
nakal - naughty


tumbuk si fakap said...

haridas..this is very nice dude.I always love "the perantau" tales.:P

ARA PAYUNG said...

sekali org Perak daaaa... Same le kite yop! Tapi belah2 kg mike tak cakap perak, kome dah ckp slang utagha...

Hmmm... Titi Serong... Situ port org Banjar kan Bob?

Haridas Rabindra Dasa said...

hehehe saya memang banjar pun tapi blah bapak

tapi kampung sebenor teman bukit chandan rumah sebelah iderisiah...dari kuale sampei ke jawang banyak sesedare

touchiefeely said...

cool la your adventures...tks for encouragement

zeezamscum said...

aku pnh nampak kau kayuh basikal.hehe.and first time masuk dr blog mikon.

...$weE+ 666... said...

seronok baca entry ni... bob, thanks for sharing! kim salam org pandan indah... :)

...$weE+ 666... said...
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fara[gonna]bugdaworld said...

hahaha kinda miss CM-Hameed. Me and Nat used to lepak there after class (or when we ponteng class). Still remember the fist time I met u (auww time tuh saya sgt remaja).. aishhh miss those time... rindu nak gelak gelak sambil dengar Nat kelentong mamat2 kat CM tuh... *LOL*

fara[gonna]bugdaworld said...


Nadia said...

i used to stay in pandan indah (flet inai). tu ha..kat flet kat junction yg byk trafik lights tu. area yg never sleeps. pukui 3,4 pagi still bleh nengok mat2 rempit, polis buat roadblock bla..bla..straight dari my house punye tingkap. and once even, i could actually witnessed kete eksiden, and the owners bergaduh, siap salah sorg bwk keluar parang panjang. happening sungguh!

p/s: dulu aku sewa sorang2 je kat situ. gile betui, sesak napeh every month. bapak aku plak, bising, sbb dia tau betapa huru-haranya that area. i loved that area anyway. sbb kat situ la aku betui2 belajo erti hidup sorang2 kat kl ni. apa kabo fajar gamoknye? hehehe..