Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Conviction ...

Go radical or go finical…the offender lays untouched and the innocent standin' tall blindly…the black clouds is still lingerin' upon their shoulder with sparkin' lightin' and thunderous steam…supplementin' the scenery of red light…the majority fall in those sightless faiths…

religion…creed…dogma…canon…principal…prime…and doctrine…take it easy babe, for the sun was bright yesterday and the moon is still bleedin'…

magnuscaleb oct. 2006


Pearly path to hell,

and a darkened road to paradise
(here I’m) standing between the line
Here I’m tossing the coin to the air

"There’s a car for you on the green field" said the angel
“…ah! forget that, I don’t even know how to drive”

Far from the other side here come the devil with the cab
Smiling and beam at me
Singin' the song of promises
Why don’t you just hop-in boy
Take a free ride and have lot of fun
There’s no need to pay
All I want is only your soul

Am I the chosen one?
Or just the scapegoat
Blinded by those...two religious figure

Dark or bright
For me just the same
Sunshine, midnight, sunshine, midnight glooms
For me just the same…

took it with pride...i wanna 'em all

And the car just rots on the green field…

-The Red Cab by The Pilgrims-


Ahmad Kamal Abu Bakar said...

Saya faham. Berada di pejabat yang dipenuhi dengan Muslimin Muslimat tatkala bulan Ramadhan bakal membuatkan seseorang perlu menukilkan karya-karya seperti ini.

Sabar, sabar.

Seperti iklan Guinness: "Good things happen to those who wait."


blinded by the light said...

"Red Cab Co"....wahhh..radikal servant...choba nyanyikan ala ala nasyid di musim bulan "bazar ramadhan" ni..