Friday, March 16, 2007

Wayang Beber Kota...

The city seems to be very calm today…an early afternoon shower, cleansin’ those dust and haze...and a low bright evening...ISO 400 kinda scenery...nice

Right afer work me lock me bike to the sign post just behind CM’s annex and walk up to Bau-Bau Café…there’s gonna be an art show at 8.30pm (Wayang Beber)…while waitin’ for those “arty” moment…I just sit around and chat with couple of friends…throwin' jokes on Joe Kidd and my newly meet friends Stick and his ladyfriend (Joe said that Stick use to skin bashin’ for Doom, Extreme Noise Terror and lotsa band in UK during the 80’s)

8.30pm: the show started, it was Wayang Beber Kota – an artist presentation: Dani Iswardana (Solo Indonesia)…good turn up even Datuk A. Samad Said is also 'round and havin' a chit-chat with my artistik friend Ava the Abroko

it’s more some sort of introductions about this ancient play…dated pre-Hindu era in Java civilizations…this was the embryo of our “Wayang Kulit (shadow puppets)…a very complex state of art…

here some excerpt from Wikipedia about Wayang Beber:

“The wayang beber has strong similarities to narratives in the form of illustrated ballads that were common at annual fairs in medieval and early modern Europe. They have also been subject to the same fate – they have nearly vanished. A few scrolls of images remain from those times, found today in museums. Performances, mostly in small auditoriums, take place according to the following pattern:

The dalang gives a sign, the gamelan orchestra (or a
musician with a violin-like instrument) begins to play and the Dalang unrolls a picture related to the story. Then, speaking and singing, he narrates the story in more detail. In this manner, in the course of the evening he unrolls several pictures. The pictures are shown one at a time and are successively unrolled. Each picture represents a story or part of a story. The content of the story typically stems from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Jenggala stories or profane stories from other villages and kingdoms”

But Wayang Beber Kota is a modern version of the play…where all the dialogs and themes are about the current issues…it's all 'bout the city i wish there's a wayang kulit 'bout this maladroited city of mine :)

Shamir, Joe (havin his dinner) & Stick

Dani durin' the intoductions and the scrools

the scrools

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