Thursday, June 07, 2007

Tatakae! Chōseimeitai Toransufōmā

Our Pak Rodimus Prime (successor of Tun Optimus Prime) is getting’ re-married…will the Decepticons send him a bouquet flowers made from energon and put aside those long and tirin’ war for awhile and celebrate this occasion through out Cybertron…what all of this coronation of our new First Lady gotto do with Kuala Lumpur?

We the citizen of the Mud-Bank City are cravin’ for a good and heart warmin’ celebration…when was the last time we had a good “citizenly” occasions happen in our city? (but please exclude all those Maxis/Hotlink or Celcom sponsored events) The king coronation? Nah…nothing happen during that day as I remembered…nothin' compered to the Royal Siamese Celebration

I’m hopin' there will be a grand “jubilation” celebration for/with the people…to add more spice in it Pak Rodimus Prime should announced that he will bear all the cost for the party and kenduri just like Raja Nazrin Shah…then he’ll win big time in our next general election…

Anyway have fun…

Decepticons Transform!!!

* the title reads : Fight! Super Robot Life Form Transformers

foot notes:

"Although Rodimus speaks with the savvy voice of a seasoned veteran, in truth, at his heart, he is still Hot Rod, and bears the burden of leadership heavily, constantly second-guessing himself and feeling that he can never live up to the legacy of Optimus Prime"
-The Transformer-


Si Fakap said...


falsafah, falsafah.


Effizzul said...

gila ah..sampai banjir KL bila Pak Lah menikah...WOW!!!