Saturday, March 25, 2006

here i go again...

Nearly after two freakin' weeks been awayyy... I finally put both of me feet in me so called cubical….

damn! Four days in Renaissance Hotel five days in Kuching and another four days in Sungkai semi-jungle…I nearly lost my sanity…

Then I saw something in my “IN” tray…a memo from the boss…Hare Krishna!! Another five days in Semporna, Sabah next months… here I go again…

Just he uses love for sex
And sure she uses sex for love
And they’re both hoping for the best
I also have that dream you’re thinking of
If we place a blindfold on our eyes
Iron and gold appear the same
It’s intense hope that makes us try
So we go on and play the game
And once again we get attached
And think we’ve found the answer
Here we go again
Ran into many walls
But I know I’ll get that answer
Here we go again
We loved not wisely but to well...
We’re hoping (s)he will be the one
But we never learn from our mistakes
And bassed on beauty love soon dies
Then we make our move to separate
Yes iron and gold appear the same
But one is costly to obtain
And I’ll be the only onle blame
If I resist I know I’ll gain

"here we go again-Shelter"


Anonymous said...

olaa...hehehe...semporna ok wat..ada'll like it maybe..from me borneonoise :)

Nadia said...

haaa..shelter..ada satu lagu dia yg i minat, tapi lupe plak tajuk dia. isk..isk..(but masa tulih ni the tune is in my head)!...back in the 90's, a boy (in an effort to tackle me, i think..hahahaha..perasan la pulak) gave me a mix tape that contains a song from shelter, among others. that's how i got to know about that band and its music...terjatuh cinte jap ngan that song..the boy?..hmm..tak layan sgt sbb he was my junior. ;-)but, i still keep the tape, anyway.

p/s: here i go again, van halen pun sedap gak! long live rock!

siti rosman said...

eh best tuh gi sabah! bird flu takdek situ! besides, heard the chix there really good lookin! shelter - lama siot tak dgr lagu set2 tu... junior mana ni kak nadia, budak star ka, izzudin ka, anderson ka, st michael? LOL!

Nadia said...

junior kat TIKL la..kiut gak, specky, nerd plak lagi. tu yg suka tu. bile habis sekolah, bertambah kiut, simpan rambut panjang plak lagi. aisehh..mcm tau2 je taste aku dia ni. haha..but then again, he's younger. nanti myself nampak tua lah..tak best! ;-)

p/s: heh..sorry ye encik bob, sesuka ati je sembang kat sini. hehehehehe...jgn marah..;-)