Monday, March 19, 2007

Push The Button To Start Cookin’...

The shop is finally open, Joe Kidd’s The Ricecooker Shop…located at 1st floor Annexe (Central Market Annexe)

please be warned that this shop got nothin’ to do with cookin’ yer rice*…it's a one-stop outlet for diy/indie kultur... this shop will serve you with lotsa infos, CDs, tapes, books + fanzines and also some “piring terbang”(vinyl’s)… and yeah! some t-shirts too

and if you wanna “lepak” and have some chat with yer friends…the Bau-Bau Café ** is just across the door… with the splendid "Teh Serai" and Moroccan Mint Tea listed on the menu

errr…quotin’ Joe Kidd “Do come around around late afternoon” :)

Heres some images taken around the shop...

the doors

the shelf and the shop

flyers wall of fame and Fendi Chotar

friends and Ahmad Asas promotin' the T-Shirts

so...labels, distros, bands, film people, wordsmiths, etc. do contact Joe (, The Ricecooker Shop wants your stuff.

ricecooker symbolically representing asian modern culture

**The Ricecooker and Bau Bau Café are a part of the effort by the new Central Market management and labDNA to bring the arts, its people and creations back its original home, back to Central Market

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Ahmad Kamal Abu Bakar said...

Cis. Aku sorang je pakai baju hijau. Nasib baik tak nampak muka. :D