Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Love My Holga

Miss Holga…my new love, she is an inexpensive young lady, have a soul in medium format 120 film, born in 1982 her parents are from China (Mr.& Mrs Great Wall Pastic Industries), she later came to be appreciated for her low-fidelity aesthetic...worldwide

ummh...mari sayang...mariiii

Abandon ruins at Jalan Pudu...120 film 6x6 frame

KLflickrs on Analog Street shoot-out
120 films with 6x6 frame

Cat Farish and friends...120 films (overlapped)
with 6x4.5 frame

the Onani...120 films with 6x4.5 frame

Fruits vendor at Benteng...35mm films mod

Michelle in blue...35mm films (overlapped) mod


jingwen said...

Hey Magnus,

Sorry to bother but may I ask, where do you develop your 120 films in KL? Sorry, kinda new around this area and I have an exposed film waiting to be developed, your blog turned up on Google, heh. Thanks.

Magnus Haridas said...

sorry for my late reply, i think most "big" shop do develope 120 films, i usually sent it to Central Market photo shop and it cost me RM6 per rolls...any bintang maju photo shop also can do this process

jingwen said...

Ok, thanks!

Diana said...

Wow RM6 really? I've been asking around and each one tells me at least RM1 per exposure and RM5 service charge. I'm looking for 120mm films. Where do you get them in KL/Shah Alam? Cheapness is preferable ha ha. Thanks!

fara[the]bugbuster said...

Auwwww~~~ welcome to the club

gile murah RM6... kalau cuci kat ampang dia charge RM50 siap scan kasi cd skali.. herph.. mahal kan?

Magnus Haridas said...

rm50 mahal lah ampang kat mana? ampang park? kat situ film 120 asa100 pun dia charge rm16...ripp off beul