Tuesday, January 15, 2008

what monday blues?

Yesterday evening, the road was still slippery…while I was silently stood on a moving elevator, during the rush-our in Masjid Jamek LRT station she texted me, it is always a pleasant surprise to receive an electronic sonnet from someone very far…very far from here

Reach home at 7pm, take a shower, walk to Fajar, bought some groceries, and cook meself a plate of plain olio spaghetti...

one nice and decent Monday it’s…love it


Nadia said...

used to walk to buy grocery at that fajar too. anyway, apakah yg di texted kan oleh dia yg di sinun itu sehinggakan anda begitu bersemangat sekali utk memasak spaghetti?..;-)

Magnus Haridas said...

hehehe...it's deep and time travellin' moment laah